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Don't Let Bad Credit Stop You From Financing A Car!

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If you believe you may have poor credit and won't be able to get a car loan, don't worry.

Bad Credit

Bad Credit

We have a great acceptance rate. Car finance based on affordability, not your credit rating!

Great Acceptance

Great Acceptance

If you can afford the payments, we can help you today! Regardless of your past, we can provide affordable finance for you.

We Compare Loans

We Compare Loans

GetCarFinanceHere.com will search over 300 loan products to get you the best deal possible. Good credit or bad credit, we are sure to find the right deal for you.

What our customers say

Apply For Bad Credit Car Finance

We understand the reasons why you might have bad credit. Life goes on, and Get Car Finance Here can offer an affordable car finance solution to suit your circumstances. We are proud to provide flexible bad credit car finance based on what you can afford, rather than your credit history.

We have a number of underwriters who specialise in working with clients that have bad credit history. To see if you qualify, apply today for a quick decision!

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Cheap Car Finance

Can I get car finance with poor credit?

Many dealers and brokers do not accept those who are looking to secure a car finance deal if they have a poor credit rating, however here at GCFH this is not the case. We provide finance deals based on your current financial situation, not your past. If you can prove that you are able to afford your payments, we can find the perfect deal for you.

Can I get a new car with bad credit?

At GCFH we offer solutions for people with bad credit on both new and used cars. If you have a poor credit score, but can prove that you can afford the car that you want, then we can assist you.

We can help you choose from a wide selection of great cars with an instant decision on finance.

Can you get car finance with CCJ?

Although many brokers turn away those with a poor credit rating due to a CCJ (County Court Judgement), at GetCarFinanceHere we’ve helped thousands of drivers with a judgment on their record. As long as you can show that you can afford your payments, we can help you get behind the wheel of the car you desire.

What does your credit score have to be to get car finance?

The credit score needed to qualify for a car loan depends on the lender you are applying with. Get Car Finance Here have a number of underwriters who specialise in working with clients that have bad credit history. We are proud to provide flexible, hassle-free car finance based on what you can afford rather than your credit history.

How long does it take to get car finance approved?

The amount of time it takes to get car finance approved varies from as little as a few minutes to as long as a few days. How long it takes depends on several factors; the type of lender, your personal finances and the type of car you’re interested in buying. To find affordable car finance deals for you, apply online today.

Can I get car finance if I am in an IVA?

Being in an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) doesn’t mean that you cannot get approved for car finance, however it can make it more difficult to take out a new credit agreement. With GCFH, no matter how low or bad your credit score is, we comb the market to find a car finance deal that suits you.

How much money do you need to put down on a car with bad credit?

If you have bad credit, depositing a down payment can increase your chances of being approved for a car loan as it will help to strengthen the application. If you have bad credit, poor credit or even no credit, you should expect to have a minimum down payment of 10% for a car. Keep in mind the kind of car your buying and your budget, as new cars often require a higher down payment.

Is it better to lease or finance with bad credit?

Leasing a car can mean lower monthly and down payments. With a car loan, you will be paying a much higher interest rate, which translates to higher monthly payments.

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