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MINI Car Finance

Looking for MINI Car Finance so you can upgrade your vehicle?

Mini Car Finance

Have you always wanted to get a Mini but you don’t know who to contact for a loan? We at GetCarFinanceHere are here for you! Minis are one of the most recognizable cars in the world; in the 60s it started a new craze as, despite being very small, it had enough space inside for both passengers and luggage. They are also quite efficient from the performance point of view, having a unibody that reduced weight and created more space inside the car.

The Best Mini Car Finance in the UK

Here at GetCarFinanceHere we can provide the best Mini finance in the country by allowing you to pay small amounts each month. You can have your very own brand new Mini with our affordable car finance deals. If you are not looking to purchase one of these spectacular cars then you can always use our Mini leasing services that don’t force you into buying the car.

Available Models

Have a look through our range of MINI models. If you don't see what you want, just ask!

Cheap MINI Car Finance

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What are the possible mini leasing/financing terms? Can I also finance a pre-owned mini?

GetCarFinanceHere can finance any Mini, new or used, providing it is less than 14 years old upon the final payment. Regardless if the model is for sale privately or at a local dealership, tell our expert finance brokers the registration number and we’ll source the most competitive Mini leasing terms.

Which factors influence the calculated residual value for leasing?

The residual value of the Mini is how much it will be worth when the finance agreement ends. This is calculated by subtracting the Mini’s final value from its initial value and this is what you will be expected to pay.

Why do I have to go through a credit check?

A credit check is necessary so that finance brokers can offer accurate and appropriate Mini leasing terms that are genuinely affordable to the driver. These checks must be carried out in order to get quotes from lenders.

When are monthly payments taken from my account?

The date of monthly payments is determined by when the Mini finance agreement starts. If you would like to change payment dates, please get in touch with the contract provider.

Where can I find the best Mini deals in the UK?

GetCarFinanceHere are proud to be able to offer UK customers with the best Mini car finance deals available. Our Mini finance solutions allow you to pay small amounts each month, by negotiating a leasing package with our team that is perfectly suited to your budget and requirements.
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