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AUDI Car Finance

Looking for AUDI Car Finance so you can upgrade your vehicle?

Audi Car Finance

Looking for Audi Car Finance so you can upgrade your vehicle? Audi are renowned for providing excellence with each car that they produce this is why they are regarded as one of the best manufacturers of cars in the world. Some of their cars can be quite expensive; our Audi car leasing options are fantastic for those people that would like to purchase one of these fantastic cars without having to worry about the huge deposit that is required in most cases. August Horsch, the founder of Audi, created the first car to bear the renowned name; this was known as the Type B10/28PS in 1910. After surviving two world wars, Audi stands as one of the greatest car manufacturers of all time.


At GetCarFinanceHere we love to be able to provide customers with car finance and loans for every model in the current Audi range or any other car you may have your eye on. No matter if you have a bad credit history, we will still try all out lenders to find car finance for one of for your very own Audi and better yet, you don’t even need to pay a deposit. Our Audi car finance options are regarded as one of the best in the country, there is no need for you to pay a huge deposit up front, and you can pay off for the finance at a gradual rate, so there is no need to strain your bank account in the process. Find out if the expert brokers can land you guaranteed car finance.

Apply for New & Used Audi Car Finance Online

Even with a poor credit record, don't worry, it couldn't be easier to apply for Audi car finance whether it's a brand new motor or a pre-loved a5! Simply use the buttons below to start your bad credit car finance application for your very own Audi, and you'll find out the same day if you've been approved. Alternatively, if you would like advice on which model and package would be best for you, contact us online.

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Have a look through our range of AUDI models. If you don't see what you want, just ask!

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Can I pay a lump sum amount off my agreement?

Audi car finance customers are entitled to pay off lump sum amounts of their contracts at their convenience. Simply get in touch with your finance provider if you wish to arrange a lump sum payment.

How do I make a partial payment?

Customers looking to cut the outstanding balance off their Audi finance agreements with a partial payment must inform their provider. Partial payments can be made at the customer’s request with no cap on the number of payments that can be made.

What do I need to do if I am planning on travelling abroad with my vehicle?

This is dependent on the level of insurance cover held by the driver as well as the type of Audi car finance opted for. Please get in touch with the insurer and finance provider to find out if you can travel abroad in your financed Audi.

Can I finance an Audi for business use?

Business customers are eligible to finance an Audi for commercial use regardless of the size of fleet required. From solitary company cars to fleets in excess of a 100 vehicles, GetCarFinanceHere can source the exact Audi Contract Hire quote for your budget.

What are my options at the end of the agreement?

There are three options to take at the end of your Audi finance agreement; 1.) Give the Audi back 2.) Upgrade Your Audi with a new or updated agreement 3.) Make the final payment to own your Audi outright. Regardless of which option you want to take, GetCarFinanceHere can help you once your Audi finance agreement comes to a conclusion.

Where can I find the best Audi deals in the UK?

At GetCarFinanceHere we are proud to have the best deals on all of the most popular Audi models. Even if you have poor credit history, our team can help identify the perfect Audi car finance deal for you. To check out the latest must have Audi deals that we offer, head over to our hot deals page today.
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