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Will a car dealer settle my finance?


At Get Car Finance Here we aim to provide people with a poor credit rating, the opportunity to buy a car on finance. It can be difficult to find reasonable deals if your credit history is not what it should be.

We are also dedicated to offering support and advice throughout the car finance process. Our expert brokers work hard to get the best deal for you and ensure that you fully understand the process and what you are paying for.

Finance settlements

Get Car Finance Here has deals available on a wide range of cars from manufacturers such as Audi, Volkswagen, Ford, BMW and Volvo. We help you get finance on a car based on your current earnings rather than your credit history.

Settling your car finance with a dealer is quite simple. It is possible to change your current vehicle, despite having outstanding finance on the car.

As long as you are not in negative equity, you can request a settlement figure from your current dealership or finance company. The car dealer will use the difference in price between the settlement figure and the cost of the new car to put towards the deposit.

However, if you are currently in negative equity and the car is worth less than the finance you owe on the vehicle, this does not mean that a deal cannot be struck. You may just need to provide a cash deposit to make up the difference.

Do not let bad credit history stop you from owning your own car. Get Car Finance Here has a fantastic acceptance rate, get started by browsing the latest and best car finance deals.

Find the best car finance deals for you, with our user-friendly online car finance calculator.

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