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Why should you use a car finance broker?


GetCarFinanceHere has a team of dedicated brokers on hand to help you find the best deal possible. We work hard to eradicate the hassle from searching for car finance, allowing you to find an affordable package on your dream car.

At GetCarFinanceHere, we support people with a poor credit rating. Our core belief is that you should be able to get finance based on your current earnings rather than your financial past.

What does a broker do?

It is a broker’s role to negotiate a deal on your behalf and act as a middle man. A finance broker meets with a wide range of car dealerships to discuss exclusive offers. Once they have found the best deal possible, they return to you with an obligation-free quote.

What are the benefits of a broker?

If you have a poor credit rating, it can be difficult to get finance for large purchases such as a house or car. A broker fights your corner and often negotiates deals that are not available to the general public. They remove the necessity of travelling to countless dealerships, only to be ripped off or turned away because of your credit rating.

Brokers carry out all the demanding work for you. They handle the paperwork, appointments and payment arrangements. You just let us know your budget and ideal car by taking advantage of our user-friendly finance calculator, then let us do the rest!

The best part about a broker service, is that it is free! Our team of financial specialists charge the car dealership rather than the client. This means that you receive expert support throughout the whole process, without having to part with a single penny. Discover amazing deals with a poor credit rating, and take a look at GetCarFinanceHere.com’s wide range of cars available on finance.

For the best offers currently in stock, check out the incredible range of car finance deals.

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