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Tips and advice for young drivers


The team at GetCarFinanceHere fully understands the jubilation that accompanies passing your driving test. The days of waiting for public transport in the pouring down rain seem to be a thing of the past as you look forward to pastures new.

Unfortunately however, as a young driver the costs of purchasing a car in some cases can be painfully substantial. Considering this, the experts at GetCarFinanceHere have compiled some tips and advice for young drivers to keep the costs to a minimum when looking to purchase your first car.

The benefits of car finance

There are numerous reasons as to why purchasing a car on finance is the best option for young drivers. By buying a car on finance, you won’t be required to pay one large lump sum for your vehicle, instead you will pay multiple manageable monthly instalments.

On top of this at GetCarFinanceHere we have an abundance of second hand car finance available, meaning you don’t have to fork out for a brand new motor when choosing your first car.

Furthermore, at GetCarFinanceHere we can offer you specific car finance packages that are perfectly suited to your budget, to help ensure that your dream car becomes a reality.

Also, there is no need to be worried about not having any past credit history, as having co-signer guarantor can help you overcome this obstacle. At GetCarFinanceHere we focus on your current financial situation, not your past. Find out the helpful tips and tricks that can get you low APR car finance.

Tips to help you with your car insurance

Arguably, the main factor that is stopping young drivers from being able to buy their first car is the off-putting costs of car insurance. However, the GetCarFinanceHere team has several tips that can potentially help you in reducing your premium.

Firstly, it is crucial that you choose a suitable vehicle. As a young driver who has just passed your driving test you are not going to be able to get insured on a super-fast sports car! At GetCarFinanceHere we have an abundance of cars that are perfect for first time drivers, and expert advice on what car to choose is only a phone call or a click away.

Furthermore, having a ‘black box’ fitted as part of your quote can also reduce your insurance costs. Some companies offer this as part of their deal. A black box monitors your driving and portrays the results onto a website or application that can be viewed by both yourself and your insurer.

‘Pass plus’ tests are another way to effectively decrease your insurance costs. These are additional tests that you can take after obtaining your license, that further enhance your driving skills.

Choose GetCarFinanceHere if you need young driver car finance.

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