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The Best Cars for New Drivers


Buying your first car

The L plates are off and the stress of practising for a test has now gone. No doubt there has been a degree of saving for the first car and probably a few scours of the internet for the best deals for you to get that dream car. At GetCarFinanceHere, we can turn that dream into reality. We offer affordable finance so that you can get any car, anywhere. Our car finance for new drivers gives you piece of mind that it is affordable, practical, and suitable to your needs. Let our guide take you on a journey to discover the best cars for first time drivers.

What car should you choose?

Since passing your test you have no doubt been weighing up which type of car would be best for you. Sleek and sporty, small and sturdy or maybe loud and large! Whatever your choice we can help. Our years of experience have shown that often, the smaller car is the more popular with car finance for new drivers. Cheaper to run, easier to insure and plenty of variety for variable budgets. At GetCarFinanceHere our in house selection of used cars is vast and varied.

Volkswagen UP!

The VW up is fantastic car for a new driver or for someone needing to downsize. Initially bought to market in 2011, the UP! Has seen a variety of developments over the years and remains a city car with a big reputation.

Available as a GTi, and an electric car as well as the standard model, the UP! Oozes versatility. The 3 door hatch or GTi appeals to some whilst the larger 5-door has a varied mix of editions including, “Beats” a tie-in with the famous headphone brand.

With 15inch alloys and a smartphone sat nav interface it ticks many of the boxes new drivers look for. All models come with a 5 speed gearbox or 6 if you go for the GTi. A one litre engine helps make it affordable and its 251 litre boot-expandable to 959 with seats lowered-means that those first road trips won’t be a challenge in this surprisingly spacious city car.

New VW UP! priced from £13500. Speak to us about finance options for a new or used VW up!


Ford Fiesta

A classic of a first car, the Ford fiesta has long been a favourite for drivers all over the UK. It could even be the car your parents first drove but fear not. The Fiesta has evolved and as a first car for new drivers, it is an all-round winner. With models to suit all budgets Ford have ensured nobody can miss out on the iconic British car. Three different engine sizes available and a differing availability of gearboxes mean you can shop around the range to find one that suits your needs. The Trend, the most popular of the range and the entry level addition to the collection boasts 16 inch alloys, Bluetooth and an 8inch touchscreen. If you look to go higher up the scale you can grip the road with some 18inch alloys and pump out the music courtesy of a Bang and Olufsen sound system. Seen as the perfect car for both tall and short drivers, the fiesta really is versatile.

Accompany these features with the impressive boot space of 1093 litres and it is an all rounder that both new and experienced driver will benefit from.

New Ford Fiesta priced from £16,400, speak to us about finance for your new or used ford Fiesta.


Kia Picanto

The Kia brand has just constantly grown in popularity over the years, affordable, visually impressive and strong enough to challenge any other brand as a market leader.

In terms of city cars, the Picanto has definitely made its presence known. Available in a variety of models with the standard range being simply numbered 1,2 and 3 and complimented with the more sporty GT-line and X-line variations, the Kia Picanto is a car that covers many bases. All come with a five-speed gearbox and varied key features depending on which edition you go for. The Picanto 1 for example comes with less than the Picanto 2, which obviously comes with less than the Picanto 3. Key features for the Picanto 2 are the introduction of alloy wheels whereas when you go to the Picanto 3, SatNav, a reversing camera system and Apple CarPlay all feature additionally.

With 1010 lite boot capacity with the seats down it only just misses out on the storage size granted by the Ford Fiesta.

New Kia Picanto priced from £11,000, speak to us about finance for your new or used Kia Picanto.


Whatever car you settle on, you can rest assured that the team at GetCarFinanceHere will get you on the road quick! With a variety of finance options available and a dedicated team able to guide you through the process, speak to us today and see how we can help you get the keys to your first car-Whatever your status. Bad credit, new driver or just looking to reduce monthly outgoings, we can guide you in the right direction.

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