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Is it possible to make a joint car finance application?


At GetCarFinanceHere we are regularly quizzed by our customers on a variety of different factors, which is completely understandable as purchasing a new car is a pretty big deal, and it is important to find the best possible offer.

There are a wide range of different car finance options available, so we understand that it can be sometimes difficult to identify which option best reflects your current situation.

The subject of joint car finance is an area where the GetCarFinanceHere team are frequently questioned on, so in our latest blog post we explore into when applying for joint car finance may be beneficial, and provide details on how GetCarFinanceHere can help you get behind the wheel of your dream car.

Can you finance a car in two names?

In a nutshell, yes! Joint car finance is simply the term used for when two separate people apply for a car finance deal on the same vehicle. To support their application, the personal details of both applicants will be used.

Who Can Apply?

You are able to apply for a joint car finance agreement with anyone you like, however in most instances these applications are submitted by married couples or immediate family members.

How Does It Work?

Once you submit a joint car finance application, both of your financial situations will be reviewed by the lender. This includes a review of income, debts and a full credit search. Once this procedure has been completed a decision will be made based on the overall picture, not on the financial situation of just one applicant.

Before You Apply. . .

It is pivotal to remember that when once you are accepted for a car finance agreement, both parties are then legally responsible for ensuring repayments are made. If one applicant is unable to make payments for whatever reason further down the line, the co-signer will be expected to maintain the repayment schedule.

When should you make a car finance joint application?

In some circumstances, submitting a joint car finance application will improve your chances of being approved on a car finance agreement!

For example, if your poor credit score has previously restricted you from achieving car finance, you can submit a joint application with somebody who has a strong credit rating and have a much greater chance of reaching an agreement.

In addition to this, if you are currently in a relationship and would like to share a vehicle without risk, making a joint car finance application is also a beneficial idea.

Make a car finance joint application with GetCarFinanceHere!

At GetCarFinanceHere, we regularly help customers secure joint car finance deals so that they can get drive off in the perfect car.

We offer an abundance of different car finance solutions on an extensive range of makes and models, so you are assured to identify a car finance deal with our team that reflects your current circumstances. Take a look at our latest used car deals.

Furthermore, our team also specialise in helping customers with bad credit in securing their dream car finance deals. If you have a poor credit rating and would like to find out more information about how we can help you, give us a call today!

Alternatively, find out what deals you and your partner are eligible for by starting your application online.

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