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Get the most out of your old car


Cars are notorious for losing value and are rarely an investment to make money from. Once bought brand new and taken home, your car has already decreased in value. Therefore, when you decide you want to move on and have a new car, knowing what to do with the old one can be a tricky decision.

Get Car Finance Here can help you to get the most from your old car. Not only so that you can get a new car, but we want you to be able to make the most of your old car financially so you do not feel as though you have made a loss.

What to do with your old car?

Sell your car

Selling your car with Get Car Finance Here is likely to bring in more money for you, the seller, because we have professional dealerships who will make the most money possible. We will relieve you from the hassles of selling your car for a small fee.

If you’re looking to sell your vehicle and make the most money possible, sell your car with Get Car Finance Here.

Trade in your car

If you are replacing your old car with a new one from Get Car Finance Here, then trading in your car may be the perfect option for you to get the most from your old car.

With Get Car Finance Here, you can trade in your car to make a deposit on a new one or simply trade in your car to get it off your hands.

We will consider its condition, mileage, age, engine style and mileage to make you an offer on your car.

Alternatively, if your motor has reached the end of its life and has no resale value, then make sure to find a local scrapyard to scrap your car.

Car leasing options from Get Car Finance Here

We have a number of car leasing options available to help you make the most from your car. We offer cheap monthly payments and offer an upgrade after two or three years.

Of course, leasing a car means you avoid any depreciation associated with the vehicle. Read our helpful guide on how to get low APR car finance.

Contact Get Car Finance Here to get the most from your old car

If you would like to get the most from your old car, then please contact us online. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about our affordable car finance deals. Apply today or call our team directly on 0800 042 0204 or 01282 544532.

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