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Car loans for people with bad credit history


Get Car Finance Here believes that everyone is entitled to a car on finance, even if they have a bad credit history. We are dedicated to providing affordable car finance packages to all applicants, whatever their credit rating.

A new car is often seen as an expense that many are unable to afford, but with Get Car Finance Here we can get you behind the wheel of your dream car without breaking the bank.

Guaranteed Car Loans With Bad Credit

If you have a bad credit rating, don’t be put off applying for finance with GetCarFinanceHere. We are confident that we can help you find an affordable, guaranteed car finance solution, proven by the 97% success rate for our applicants!

We’ll make sure the model of car is suitable for your budget, and help you with advice on specific cars and particular deals. We base our car finance packages on what you can afford, rather than your credit history. In fact, we have a high acceptance rate for our customers, which means that you are very likely to find an affordable car finance solution with us.

Our car finance works by us searching and comparing the best car deals, which finds you the best deal possible for your circumstances. We offer fast approvals, competitive rates and flexible terms so that you can have hassle-free, guaranteed car finance even if you have a poor credit history. We guarantee to broker the best auto finance package for your requirements, so why not discover how you can land guaranteed car finance with bad credit.

What Are My Car Loan Options?

Get Car Finance Here offer a range of car loans, no matter whether you have good or bad credit. Our car loans will offer you the best value, affordable pay-back options and high-quality cars from well-established manufacturers. We offer a range of models, from small and economical cars, to larger family vehicles. Browse our best car finance offers on the latest models

Getting a car loan from Get Car Finance Here is hassle-free. You can find out which of our loans you are eligible for on the same day that you apply. We offer competitive car finance rates and, because we have a range of car models and brands available, you can choose the perfect car to suit you. You’ll be surprised to discover the extent of auto finance variants for you to choose even if you have poor credit. So why not find out your possible car loan options?

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Apply for affordable car finance with Get Car Finance Here today, even if you have a bad credit rating or if you’ve been turned down elsewhere. If you are interested in car finance from Get Car Finance Here, please do not hesitate to contact us online.

Alternatively, you can speak to a member of the Get Car Finance Here team directly on 0800 042 0204.

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