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Car Loans Explained


A car loan involves a lender who pays for the car in full, leaving the borrower (you are the borrower in this case) to pay off the vehicle debt to the lender through regular payments. The borrowed amount is typically paid back in affordable, monthly instalments over a pre-determined period of time until the debt is cleared.

You have the option of choosing secure or non-secure payments, while the former option presents a fantastic opportunity for people with bad credit to land their dream motor with relative ease.

If you haven’t had a car loan before, then you’ll probably be unfamiliar with what they actually are, let alone whether you would benefit from borrowing money for a car. There are a number of common misconceptions and misinformation about car loans, particularly if you are someone with a bad credit rating.

Get Car Finance Here offer car loans to drivers even when they have bad credit. A car loan can get you behind the wheel of your dream car, without breaking the bank.

How does a personal loan for cars work?

Lenders will assess the situation of the individual and need to take confidence in their ability to pay back the loan. In addition, the individual will need to pay any interest on the loan which may increase the overall price of the car.

Although, you will end up paying interest on the purchase of your car, a car loan does allow many people to opt for a better model of car or, in some cases, the opportunity to buy a car at all. Many people, who have a poor credit history, think that they will be unable to receive a car loan but our support team offer affordable car loans to people with bad credit. We aim to help as many of our applicants as possible.

GetCarFinanceHere is dedicated to providing as many people as possible with affordable car finance. Even if you have bad credit, we can help you finance your car. Of course, we will need to be confident that you can make your repayments, however, all-in-all, we are able to offer a car loan to the majority all our applicants.

Your Car Loan Options

We offer a range of affordable finance options across a wide range of car brands. Explore the options available when you look for a car with GetCarFinanceHere.

Personal Loan for Cars

Borrowing money through third party money lenders are called personal loans. Going through a bank or car dealership for a personal loan is usually the cheapest method for financing a motor, only if you have good credit history! What’s more, you do not need to secure the loan against the vehicle, avoiding the risk of having your car taken away if any issues with repayments occur. Personal loans arranged over the phone or online and can yield impressive fixed interest rates if you shop around for quotes. Unlike the majority of auto finance deals out there, personal loans mean you own the car outright before you have paid it off fully.

Of course, the lack of a required deposit is the driving force behind why so many drivers opt for a personal loan to finance a car. Find out if this option is the perfect choice for you, give GetCarFinanceHere a call on 01282 544532.

Hire Purchase

Very similar to the personal loan, however the nature of the lease agreement means you don’t fully own it until you have made the final repayment. However the hire purchase option is popular for good reason, it’s Incredibly simple to arrange and only requires a small deposit (typically 10% of the car’s value). Choose to pay off the hire purchase in monthly instalments over a period ranging from 1-5 years. The flexibility of repayments helps to match your monthly budget coupled with fixed interest rate makes the perfect auto finance plan for many who choose GetCarFinanceHere. If you would like to discuss whether or not a hire purchase agreement is your best option for financing a car, please get in touch with our support team by calling 0800 042 0204

Personal Contract Plan

Love to regularly swap your car? An exciting form of car finance for those who like to change wheels often is the personal contract plan. Using annual mileage as the leading factor in deciding the agreement, you get to pay lower monthly payments that offer flexibility. To arrange your personal contract plan, simply pay the difference between the current sale value of the car you want and it’s price of resale back to the car dealership when you reach the end of the contract. Upon the end of the contract, you can easily upgrade to a newer model and begin the process again. Want to keep the car? At the end of the personal contract plan, pay the balloon payment and the car is yours! Don’t hesitate to see if a Personal Contract Plan suits your requirements, give GetCarFinanceHere a call on 01282 544532

Even if you think your poor credit rating prevents you from getting a car on finance, GetCarFinanceHere can offer viable, affordable options that land your dream motor. With 96% of our applicants accepted, it’s easy to see why we are the best choice to find you local car finance.

Where Can I Get A Personal Lease On A New Car?

Here at GetCarFinanceHere, our revolutionary attitude to auto finance means we have grown to be able to offer an incredible range of car leasing options. You get the choice of deals that are tailored to your needs and your monthly budget. Even if you are concerned about a poor credit rating, our support team are able to broker you a fantastic motor finance deal. Take the first step towards your dream car, find out if we can broker you guaranteed car finance.

After two or three years of being a customer with us, you can even upgrade your car. Perhaps you are looking for a newer model, or would like a more spacious vehicle? Whatever your reasons for wanting to upgrade, we are here to help you at GetCarFinanceHere. Start browsing the impressive range of cars available on finance.

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