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Are you looking for Bad Credit Car Finance?


Happy Christmas?

It’s Christmas and that time of year when, if we’ve had issues with our credit rating, we feel like they rear their ugly heads and come bouncing back to bite us.

Not only are we spending more on gifts for our loved ones, Christmas parties and luxury wining and dining. We’re tempted by award-winning, glistening Christmas marketing campaigns, and we notice that savvy city shops are boosting their prices at the height of the festivities- just to raise our blood pressure a little bit more!

But, even in the midst of all the excitement around Christmas (and the squeeze on our bank accounts!), there is no need to avoid car finance, even if you do have a history of bad credit.

Bad Credit Car Finance from Get Car Finance Here

At GetCarFinanceHere, we help a range of customers get car finance! Whether you have a good credit rating or bad credit history, we can provide car finance based on what you can afford. We understand that sometimes we can get a bad credit rating, perhaps due to problems with health, family issues, problems in our career or, even, simply down to poor organisation of our finances.

At GetCarFinanceHere we understand that you may have had issues with your credit rating in the past, but we will still put our all into providing affordable bad credit car finance.

Three Factors That Can Lead to Bad Credit

So how do you know if you require bad credit car finance? Perhaps you feel you manage your finances well but have been refused car finance. Here are three factors that can cause bad credit and will, inevitably, require you to apply for bad credit car finance:

1. If you have missed payments

Ultimately, missed payments in the past can lead to a bad credit rating. As a result, many money lenders and banks refuse to lend money to those who have missed payments.

2. If you have a registered CCJ

What is a CCJ?

A CCJ is, in other word a County Court Judgement, and is a court order based in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

A CCJ may be registered against somebody if they have failed to repay money that they owe. The CCJ sets out the sum of money that they owe, how they should repay it and the deadline for the payment. Ultimately, having a registered CCJ can lead to a bad credit rating and will mean you will need to apply for bad credit car finance.

3. If you have an IVA with a creditor

What is an IVA?

An IVA is an Individual Voluntary Agreement and is, basically, a formal agreement with a creditor, or lender, whereby you agree to repay your debt at a rate that is affordable for you. This can be a one-off payment or an ongoing payment.

Want to Apply Bad Credit Car Finance?

If you think you have a bad credit rating and won’t be able to get a car loan, don’t worry! Get Car Finance Here are confident we can offer an affordable car finance solution to suit your circumstances. We are proud to provide flexible bad credit car finance that is based on what you can afford rather than your credit history. Why not get started by taking a look at our latest and best deals on car finance currently in stock?

To see if you can qualify for bad credit car finance simply fill in our application form or, if you’re not sure, our friendly team are more than happy to take you call. Simply give us a call on 01282 544532.

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