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Afford your dream car with bad credit


Have you always dreamed of having your perfect car, enjoying the freedom that driving gives you in style? Whether you’ve got your heart set on a Fiat or a Ferrari, with GetCarFinanceHere it has never been easier to drive away in the car you’ve always wanted, even when you have bad credit. Our team work to find you the best possible deal on vehicles, wherever in the UK you are based.

Affording Your Dream Car Advice

At GetCarFinanceHere, we believe that your financial history shouldn’t affect whether you will be accepted for a car loan. Your current situation, such as income, is a better way of determining how much you can borrow. We would rather base our rates on what you can afford, not what your previous circumstances were. If your credit isn’t up to scratch, then there are many ways you can reduce your monthly payments with us. If you think you can’t afford a car, let GetCarFinanceHere show you how little you could be spending each month with GCFH’s Credit Calculator.

Use a Guarantor

A guarantor is somebody that co-signs a lease with you so that if you unfortunately can’t make any payments one month, they are able to cover the amount on your behalf. Having a guarantor is a great option for first time drivers who haven’t had a finance loan before. Usually a family member acts as a guarantor. This gives both you and Get Car Finance Here the security needed so that you can have the car of your dreams! See how you could get guaranteed car finance without a credit check.

Deposits and Part-Exchange

When you buy a car on finance, you spread the full cost of the vehicle (plus an APR%) over the course of your chosen contract time. If you put down a deposit on a car, then this is taken off the overall sum you need to pay back. Naturally, the larger the initial deposit, the less you’ll be charged by way of monthly payments. If you can’t afford a deposit, a great alternative is to part-exchange your current car and use the money to put towards your new motor! Highly sought after models are currently in stock at reduced costs, check out the best car finance deals in the UK.

We’ll Help You Get The Car Of Your Dreams

To start off your quote, or for more information regarding how we operate then get in touch with our friendly team today who will be more than happy to help assist you. Call us today on 01282 544532 to speak to a GetCarFinanceHere adviser directly, or to arrange a call back at a later date contact us online.

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