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10 Tips to Prevent Car Sickness


Car sickness can put a real downer on your journey, turning what should be an enjoyable experience into an uncomfortable trip. Thankfully, there are several strategies you can use to help alleviate and reduce the nausea, dizziness and fatigue that can come from motion sickness. In this blog, we share 10 practical tips to help you and your fellow passengers enjoy a smoother, more comfortable drive.

Sit in the front of the car

If you suffer from motion sickness, you’ll want to reduce movement as much as possible. Sitting in the front of the car can therefore often help. This is because there is less force from turning on the front of the car than at the back, so you’ll feel less impact.

Look straight ahead at the horizon

Try to focus on a single point straight ahead of you, such as the horizon. Or, if you’re driving on a long straight road and you can see a large landmark in the distance, you could try focusing on that. Once you get close to it, you should look again towards the horizon to find another point far away. You should avoid looking at moving objects such as passing cars, as this can make you feel more nauseous.

Close your eyes

Sometimes it can be best to simply close your eyes. This can reduce the feeling of movement on the body as you won’t be experiencing the rapid motion around you. Breathe slowly and focus on your breath going in and out. This sort of deep breathing will indicate to the body that you can relax, which can counteract some of the effects of travel sickness. You could also use this opportunity to try to sleep.

Breath fresh air

If possible, try to open a window so you can breathe fresh air. When you’re nauseous, you might feel hot and flustered. A warm, stuffy car can exacerbate your motion sickness and make you feel more nauseous. Opening a window then can help to lessen these feelings.

Take a break

If you have a long journey, try to break it up with plenty of stop points along the way. Take the opportunity to get out of the car, drink some water and stretch your legs, maybe taking a short walk.

Drive the car

If you can drive the car, you’re much less likely to get travel sick. This is because you’ll be fully focused on what the car is doing and will know when to expect turns and bumps in the road. This can help to reduce the symptoms of travel sickness and the impact of the motion on your body, as what you see and what your inner ear is experiencing will match up.

Consume ginger or chew gum

Ginger can be an effective anti-nausea remedy. Ginger biscuits or ginger tea can both be great for helping to reduce nausea when you’re in a car, although you should be careful not to consume too much, as too much food or hot drinks might make you feel sicker.

Chewing gum can also be great for alleviating motion sickness. This is linked to the movement of your jaw affecting your inner ear balance, which is also linked to travel sickness.

Avoid reading a book or using electronic devices

It might be tempting to try to distract yourself from travel sickness by reading a book, watching a film on a tablet, or looking at your phone. But focusing on a point in the car like this can actually make your symptoms worse. This is because your vision will be still on a single point, whilst your inner ear will be experiencing movement, leading to you feeling more uncomfortable. As mentioned earlier, try to stick to looking at a single point in the distance, or keep your eyes closed.

Don’t eat heavy meals

You should avoid heavy meals before you travel, as this could make your travel sickness much worse. Instead, stick to a light snack of bland foods that won’t affect your stomach too much, such as bread or cereals.

Try over-the-counter medication

There are a number of different types of medication you can get that will alleviate your travel sickness. Over-the-counter medication can be great for short trips, but if you have longer trips, you might need to ask your GP if they can prescribe something stronger. You should bear in mind that some of the stronger medications also cause drowsiness, so won’t be suitable for driving. You should always speak with your doctor about your medication.

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