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Did you know you can trade your car for a lease?


When it comes to purchasing a car, it can be both an expensive and overwhelming process. You may ask yourself numerous questions: should I buy second hand or brand new? What brand and model of car should I go for? Will the car last me the length of time I want it for? Should I opt for diesel or petrol? And the list goes on…

Because buying a car can be so daunting, many people will probably keep the car they’ve got until it has to be pulled off the road.

At Get Car Finance Here, however, we’ve got the perfect solution. With us, you can trade in your car for a brand new lease car.

Trading in your car for a lease

There are numerous advantages to trading in your car for a lease. First of all, you’ll get the car you want and you will not need to commit to buying it outright. Therefore, you’re covered if anything goes wrong with the car. You’ll also be able to change your choice of car and always have a brand new one.

Perhaps you could use your lease experience to discover the model of car you intend to buy in future? Leasing is a great way to keep changing your car and experimenting with different brands and models.

In addition, because you can trade in your car with Get Car Finance Here, when you opt to lease one of our vehicles, you will not have the worry of selling your car.

Ultimately, trading in your car for a lease means you can change your car quickly and efficiently. What’s more, you’ll avoid having to pay one lump sum for your new car.

Does it matter if I have bad credit?

With Get Car Finance Here, it doesn’t matter if you have bad credit. We offer car leasing options for people with both good and bad credit history.

We feel passionate that everybody should have a car that is safe, reliable, efficient and a car that they’re proud of, no matter their credit history. Whether it’s a brand new motor or a second hand runner you want, find the best deals on car finance online.

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