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15 Great Last-Minute Gifts for Car Lovers


The Christmas season is here. Whether you’ve just started your Christmas shopping or you need a few last-minute bits, we want to make things easy for you. Buying gifts for car enthusiasts can be tricky if you’re not into cars yourself – but with these gifts for car lovers, you’ll be sure to make the petrolhead in your life happy.

Car Vacuum

A portable car vacuum is a great gift for car lovers. A compact car vacuum can be easily stored in the boot of the car, ready to clean up any little messes or spills to keep their car looking pristine. Look for a car vacuum that’s battery-powered or can be powered using the 12V power port.

Car Wash Kit

Every car enthusiast needs a car washing kit. The best kits will include shampoos, wax, and protectant for the body of the car, so they can keep their car clean and shiny. They may also need a cleaning mitt and sponge, as well as a cloth or chamois leather to buff.

Leather Driving Gloves

Nothing says driving elegance like a pair of leather driving gloves. They’ll keep the driver’s hands warm and comfortable as they drive, plus they’ll look super stylish. Some gloves are elasticated whilst others might have a choice of sizes. Gloves with a wrist fastening will ensure a secure fit for your driver.  

LEGO Car Model

LEGO have a huge range of car and other vehicle models to build, which will definitely keep your car lover busy on Christmas Day. Models include the Ferrari, Chevrolet, Volkswagen, Porsche, and Ford. There are even movie-themed vehicles, like the Batmobile and the Ghostbusters’ ECTO-1. With a range of options and prices, you’ll be sure to find something special for your car lover.

Virtual Assistant for Cars

If your car lover is also a tech enthusiast, get them a virtual assistant for their car. The Amazon Echo Auto is a great choice, bringing all the great features of the Amazon Alexa in a neat compact design specially for cars. Alexa can connect to the car’s speakers to play music via Bluetooth or auxiliary input and has eight microphones to ensure Alexa can hear you over the sounds of the car.

Bluetooth Transmitter

A Bluetooth transmitter is a fantastic addition to improve the infotainment for older or vintage cars. Most Bluetooth transmitters will plug directly into the 12V port and will allow the driver to play music through the car radio. Some Bluetooth transmitters will also incorporate a charger for the phone.

Phone Mount

A phone mount is another great gift for those who might have older cars. With a phone mount, the driver can use maps for sat nav, as well as having their phone in a good place when they want to take hands-free calls. You can get all kinds of mounts for phones, including ones that clip onto the air vents, ones that sit in the cupholder, and ones that stick to the windscreen.

Race Track Day

One of the best gifts for any car lover is an experience day at a race track. There are many types of race track days on offer, giving the car enthusiast in your life the opportunity to drive all sorts of cars, from Mustangs to Lamborghinis. Some race track experience days will allow the individual to drive the car themselves and also give them a high-speed experience as a passenger.

Emergency Escape Tool

A must-have for anyone that drives a lot is an emergency car escape tool. This will include a blade to cut the seatbelt, freeing the individual in an emergency, as well as a glass breaker to smash the window, if required. Some tools are even available to go on a key ring so the driver will always have it with them.

Car Bin

Help your car lover keep their vehicle neat and free of rubbish with a bin specially made for their car. A car bin will usually strap onto the headrest of the passenger car, keeping it easily accessible and tidy. Your car lover – and their passengers – will have no excuse to not let rubbish pile up in the footwell!

Phone Charger

A car phone charger is super handy, allowing the driver and any passengers to charge up their phones. This is especially helpful on long journeys and means their phone will always be powered up and ready to go. Most car phone chargers will plug directly into the 12V port – look for a charger that has a couple of USB ports, so multiple people can charge their phone at once.

Car Cleaning Gel

Reusable car cleaning putty is perfect for getting into all the nooks and crannies of a car, removing all the dust and debris to keep the interior clean and shiny. Look for car cleaning gel that comes in a pot for easy storage.

Heated Ice Scraper

For the car lover that has everything – get them a heated windscreen scraper. These ice scrapers plug into the car’s 12V port and gently heat up to make removing ice a breeze. It won’t scratch or damage the window and will get rid of ice in record time.

Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge

The Highway Code advises that you check the pressure of your tyres every week, and this is even more important for those that are regularly doing long journeys. Make this easy for your car lover with a digital tyre pressure gauge. This handheld, portable tech is a simple way of checking the pressure in tyres to make sure they’re at a safe level.

Portable Tyre Inflator

And for when the pressure is too low, make sure your car enthusiast also has a portable tyre inflator. These are available as compact kits that easily fit into the boot of the car, always ready if a tyre needs an extra boost. Some versions also come with an in-built pressure gauge, making it two gifts in one!

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