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BMW or Audi


BMW or Audi? These two German super manufactures have pretty much been head to head since they were established in 1916 and 1909 respectively. These two makes are synonymous with great build quality and performance. Both manufacturers have their pros and cons (especially BMW cough! cough!). To be honest I am quite biased towards Audi, as they are probably one of my favourite car makes along with Mercedes, I’m not saying that BMW’s engineering isn’t good. For all I know they could be the best designed/engineered cars on the planet, I just don’t like the look of them, Audis in my opinion reek of class, elegance and modernism. Although BMW is one step ahead on the futuristic front but the class factor is definitely in Audi’s hand. All you have to do is watch their television adverts and it is quite apparent that BMW is trying to be one step ahead of the game with garish futuristic designs whereas Audi stick to the sleek elegant look, that’s my kind of thing.

M6 or S7 Sportback?

Performance wise of the new M6 which costs a whopping £80k compared to the s7 Sportback at around £60k, thats a big difference especially considering the differences between performance are not that great.

Both makes have their merits, BMW’s is mainly the performance aspect, and in my opinion Audi’s merit is their styling and design. Both have quality craftsmanship guaranteed and are brilliant for everything from the school run to sliding it around corpse corner at Silverstone on a day out. In summary, BMW = Performance, Audi = design, and both of them equal a good blast round a track.

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